Working In Australia

In order to work in Australia, you need to have professional qualifications that are recognised by your profession's board or council. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the government organisation responsible for implementing the national registration and accreditation scheme for most professions.  In other words, this is the organisation to whom you will submit your professional qualifications and also proof of English proficiency. To find out more, visit their website: AHPRA

To find out more about the OET exam, visit the OET Centre Website

AHPRA Rule Change 

surprise AHPRA changed the rules regarding OET in July 2015. This is a big win for overseas health professionals and will definitely make it easier for you to pass OET and get your professional registration.

In a nutshell

  • you can now combine any 2 tests within a 6 month period and as long as achieve a B grade in each skill overall with no sub-score below C, it will be accepted. smile

 It is also a much fairer policy as it recognises past results of B as demonstration of your English proficiency. Yes

So if you don’t get through at first, at least you know your B grades can be used and you will only need to improve your C grade scores to get through!!!! big grin

Of course, we have some great options to ensure you get through on your second attempt if needed and you will be able to focus on your weak areas! wink

Each profession has its own set of registration standards. For profession specific information, click on the following links:

For veterinarians, speech pathologists and dietitians, your qualifications are assessed directly by your profession's board and not through AHPRA. Here are the relevant links:

By studying with OET Online, you will increase your chances of passing OET, which is accepted by health practitioner boards as proof of English proficiency.

Last modified: Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 10:23 AM