Grammar & Vocabulary Clinic

Course Description

This a unique resource to OET Online which has been designed to help students improve their writing skills in general, with a specific focus on the grammar and vocabulary required to write medical referral letters.

The course contains the following worksheets and associated quizzes so you can test your skills: 

 Verb Tense Usage

  • Present perfect
  • Simple past
  • Past perfect
  • Active and Passive verb from
  • Subject-verb agreement

 Sentence Structure

  • Compound sentences
  • Parallel structures
  • Complex sentences

 Article Usage

  • Countable & uncountable nouns
  • a/the/an usage


  • Useful expressions
  • Phrasal verbs


  • Useful signal markers and linking words

 Appropriateness of Language

  • Informal and casual expressions
  • Medical terminology
  • Referring to a patient

 Common Errors

  • Difficult words


  • Letter format
  • Comma Usage
  • Capitalisation

Course Fee: AU$50 (includes 10% GST)

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